Activities are often planned around a topic/theme. They are designed so that the children will enjoy a curriculum that allows them to:

  •  Learn skills,
  •  Develop personally,
  •  Socially,
  •  Emotionally,
  •  Intellectually,
  •  Physically,
  •  Develop knowledge,
  •  Understanding,
  •  A sense of curiosity and exploration.

Be assured that your child's needs will be met in a loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere which offers structure, continuity and security which builds a love for learning and prepares your child for school life.

It's important that we work in partnership with you, so that optimum care, development and education is achieved. Your child is allocated a key worker who will identify your child's individual needs and progress, making regular assessments and exchanging daily information with you. We can discuss and arrange a settling-in process that will accommodate you and your children.

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