Sunrise Room 8 months – 1years
Shining Star    2 years – 3years
Sunset Room   3years – 5 years

We have  bright, colourful and spacious play rooms.  Which Accommodate all children needs. The rooms provide plenty of opportunities for the children to develop their new skills such as walking, talking and social interactions. Sand, building blocks, play dough, painting, music, singing, books and puzzles come as standard and the children are able to explore a wide range of play equipment of different textures and colours. Children will be busy participating in activities that include: construction play, arts and crafts, sand and water, imaginative play, messy play, practical life, cooking, music, singing and nursery rhymes, puzzles, computers, reading, writing, science and innumeracy, co-operative games and story time.

The playground  is where the children can play social games and enjoy the  garden as well as develop gross motor skills such as running, jumping, riding, climbing, throwing, catching and kicking. We arrange topic related outings for the children and are lucky enough to be a minute’s walk away from Bruce Castle Park and will enjoy regular visits there.

We welcome and celebrate the diverse range of cultures, languages, traditions and religions that surround us. A wide range of multicultural play equipment, books, dressing up clothes and food are used within the nursery. Festivals from many cultures and religions are celebrated to raise the children's awareness of the world around them. Our intention is for the children to have a loving, understanding and caring attitude towards each other.

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