Full Time hours (8:00am-6:00pm)

Part Time Hours (8:00am- 1pm –Morning Attendance)

Part Time hours (1pm – 6:00pm – Afternoon Attendance)

Early Start/Late Finish 7:30am/6:30pm – Book with at least 24hour notices: £8per day.

Aged 6 Months -2 Years





Full Time 


£235 .00

£940.00 0R £1175.00

Part Time



£500.00 OR £625.00

Aged 2 Years-3 Years

Full Time 


£225 .00

£900.00 OR £1125.00

Part Time



£460.00 OR £575.00

Aged 3-5 Years

Full Time 


£215 .00

£860.00 OR £1075.00

Part Time



£440.00 OR £550.00

*Please note that 3 and 4 year olds may be eligible for the Nursery Education Grant. This would reduce the amount payable.
*Please note that if your child is not Potty trained fees will charged at a higher rate i.e. If your child is 2 years old and still in nappy's they will be charged the rate aged 6 months-2 years.
Some parents may be entitled to claim the Child Tax Credit to help with childcare fees.
The reference that must be attached to your payment is your full name, child's Name so we know who the payment is from. Please Full Monthly or Weekly Payments.